The Kendal Gift Card Launch

The Kendal Gift Card was launched on 10th September 2016.

The long awaited Kendal Gift Card is now ready for sale following its official launch. ANY business in the BID zone can accept the gift card as long as they have a Visa machine and they have been added to the list of acceptance. Over the next few months, representatives of Kendal BID will be visiting every business in town to discuss this with them.

The gift card uses the VISA infrastructure and is redeemed like a normal Visa consumer prepaid card authorised with magnetic stripe and signature. Redemption is limited to merchants pre-registered with PRESEND. Settlement is received as part of the merchant’s normal Visa settlement process. No separate agreements are required with PRESEND.

Key program features:

● The gift card uses the existing VISA infrastructure therefore:
○ No new hardware or software is required.
○ There are no changes required to contracts for merchant’s existing acquiring agreement.
○ Money is paid out to the merchants automatically as part of the merchants’ daily settlement

There is no charge to join the program as all costs are being covered by the BID.

Boots, Booths, Pizza Express, Mountain Warehouse are a few of the big names to have signed up and we have over 100 independent shops as well look at


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