Help Kendal’s Recovery

Kendal BID invited all levy payers in Kendal to attend a Zoom meeting in order to get their views on what they wanted us to do to help Kendal to recover.

Thank you for all those who participated in the 2 zoom calls- it was really interesting and heartening to hear such positivity from the majority.


In the first cohort, the 2 main themes that were recurrent clearly around:


1) we need to educate Kendal people just what an amazing town we live in and at the same time be able to educate visitors to encourage them to come to Kendal


2) we need to have a positive marketing plan that concentrates on the positives and drowns out the negatives.


This was echoed in the second cohort who were at a slight advantage because we were able to present the draft suggestions to them from cohort 1.


Kendal BID has, and rightly so, had to justify its expenditure and the value of its expenditure- in other words- we need to be able to measure the things we do and ensure value for money.


We also have to be innovative in what we do as our budgets are small. if we take the examples of the trails that have been going for a few years- we have had to be innovative to keep them fresh. They themselves have been copied across the UK as best practice. The Umbrellas were also copied and were proven to bring in positive reactions to our town from all over the UK.


There was an informative discussion on our target markets, previously Kendal BID has commissioned window installations and posters within prominent stations in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. There was no way of measuring success. In Kendal we are lucky that we do already attract a varied demographic, it was rightly suggested that we target a higher-end consumer (much like Altrincham), the discussion was around the fact that we do not have the budget at the moment to do that and that we may not have the younger affluent but we do get (as evidenced by the TIC data) the empty nester demographic who tend to have much disposable income. We also discussed the reason going forward that we think it would be good to target the visitors already in the Lakes to come to Kendal rather than get them to travel 300 miles they could travel 9- almost a captured market scenario.


Discussions were also had on the potential to train businesses and staff on key elements of ‘Kendal’, the suggestion was around potentially providing an awards ceremony that rewarded businesses that could show that their frontline colleagues were able to extoll the virtues of Kendal, signpost people to the correct places etc. The new Kendal Directory could be available to help with this.


Alongside this was the suggestion that we create a recovery marketing plan that amongst other things gave out key messages about Kendal and also contained key imagery in video snippets, stills and drone footage.


Attached is a summary of our first thoughts on how we can achieve the above points, remembering we need to be innovative and attention-grabbing to put Kendal into recovery. You can also follow this link to get more details:


– Power of 12:
– Some mini-town ideas:

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