Shambles Meeting and common questions

Kendal BID met with some of the businesses in the New Shambles, to answer questions about BID’s  role and the new grants available. We always try to post questions publicly that businesses ask- because if they are asking them we are sure others also have the same.

Question: It would be really nice if we saw more of the BID especially in these hard times, would that be possible?

Answer: BID Directors are all volunteers and run successful businesses of their own, they give up their time to attend meetings and help with BID business for free. Sarah (BID Manager) is only employed up to 3 days a week for BID and runs her own business externally to BID. If Sarah was to spend one day a week going around businesses, it would take up to 2.5 years to get around all 700 on that basis and the cycle would start again. BID explained that members were contacted via hand delivered newsletter on a regular basis, social media, press and on most of the newsletters there are contact details via email, messenger and facebook. BID is also trying to get everyone signed up for emails to make it quicker to get in touch. In these hard times, Sarah has to be conscious of her own family health risks and Brian (Chair) is in the at risk category- we would love to have more resource but we are a very small BID (monetary wise) but enormous in the number of businesses.

Question: The Shambles posted their first New Shambles video as a group and were disappointed that BID did not comment immediately.

Answer: Simon Thomas does all BID’s social media and after a discussion, we felt it would create more longevity for the post if we left it a few days before reposting. BID praised New Shambles businesses and said this was exactly what businesses should be doing – working together and it was fantastic to see it.

Question: What is the role of the BID and what can the BID do for us

Answer: The BID is there as an umbrella organisation to all businesses in the BID zone. It is our job to put incentives into place with the offer of businesses to participate or not. We do not get involved in one to one marketing or activities for one business. At each AGM we do listen to members to see what they want to do or the way they want the BID to move forward. We create a plan together from the members suggestions to which direction they want us to go in. we do not support individuals per se but we do take individual members opinions seriously. We want businesses to do exactly what The New Shambles has done, there is not the resource within BID to do that. The Xmas grant scheme is exactly that – encouraging businesses to work together. We have funded the Market Hall for three years in terms of Xmas decs. If the grant scheme works it maybe something that we extend to other times. BID appreciates that businesses know what they want and it is impossible for the BID to please everyone therefore we have put it your hands.

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