We are often asked by various bodies where Kendal BID fits in with the new Kendal Vision, that’s easy to answer. Kendal Vision is administered by Kendal Futures. Kendal Futures is funded by SLDC and Kendal Town Council. Kendal BID sit on the Kendal Futures Board and update them on a regular basis. Kendal BID does not report to Kendal Futures it is an independent Ltd company, however many of the things we do have fulfilled recommendations identified in the various consultations carried out by Kendal Futures- take a look at the attached spreadsheet. This is a list of just some of the consultations undertaken by the various bodies over the past decade+ This is not an exhaustive list it is merely an example, taken from the list of consultations looked at in order to create the Kendal Town Strategy 2020.

Sometimes we don’t always agree with items in the various recommendations; taking parking as an example. Kendal Vision recommends that cars entering the town should be discouraged and that parking charges should be increased. The BID Board believes that we should help those wishing to drive into town and encourage them to dwell longer and spend more, we are doing this via Parking Perx- we will tell you more about this very soon.

Please see the written updates below that we have supplied to Kendal Vision and Kendal Futures.

September 2020

November 2020

Please see the written reports that Brian Harrison (Chair) provides to the Kendal BID Board after attending Kendal Futures

May 2020

November 2020



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