Value for money? We are often asked the question about how Kendal BID is value for money, what do the businesses get for their money?

A couple of points…

  1. A Business Improvement District is not for the individual business it is for the collective. A business may get benefits through the ‘whole’  through for example, with increased footfall because of support for festivals and events. They may get benefits directly to their business if they take advantage of the many marketing tools available to them.
  2. The best way for any business to gain value for money for the money they put in is to participate – PARTICIPATION IS KEY!

  1. 50% of Kendal BIDS levy payers pay less than £8 per month

Recently a local pub business owner asked the following question of BID.

“Is there any evidence at all that can be shared with levy payers to ensure they are getting a return on investment”?

The investment into Kendal BID by that pub.

The building occupied by the pub has a rateable value of £3500. The levy payment is 1% of the rateable value = £35.00 per year.

  • Therefore, the investment into BID is £2.92 per month or .096p per day.

For less than £0.10 per day that individual business has been offered

  • Wall brackets and fixing to display hanging baskets or flags.
  • Kendal Gift Card scheme. ( A BID project)
  • Kendal High Street On Line – Shopappy. (A BID Project)
  • Kendal loyalty card – Swippi (A BID project)
  • Most recently introduced the shop on-line and delivery service. (A BID Project)
  • Participation in a business Coronavirus recovery project (A BID project)

Collectively, along with other member business and Kendal businesses in general have benefited from

  • BID financial support of Visit Kendal website, that offers inclusion on a business listing.
  • BID financial support for festivals and events.
  • BID financial support for Christmas lights activities.
  • BID financial support for Kendal in Bloom.
  • BID funding a series of leaflets, including a food & drink leaflet.
  • BID funding a programme of trails. (Different to leaflets)
  • BID funding promotional advertising of Kendal
  • BID funding competitions to promote businesses activity.
  • BID funding provision of coach parking and coach tourism facility
  • Potential for a Corona Virus recovery plan.
  • A tourism project to attract coach tourism to Kendal, building on the parking facility.

Previously completed project and trials

  • Christmas Park & Ride trial.
  • Park & Cycle trial.
  • Cycle parking infrastructure improvements.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees for business outside the Kendal Town Council provision.
  • Additional Christmas Lights, again expanding on the Kendal Town Council provision.
  • A Spitfire event with no commercial stalls that might have competed with your business.
  • An Armed Forces & Blue Light Tribute event organised by BID, funded by BID & MOD with no commercial stalls that might have competed with your businesses.

All for less than 10p per day, is that good value for levy payers?

Would you give a child 10p per day pocket money, what is the price of a pint of beer, a cup of coffee or a packet of crisps?  The answer in respect of value for less than 10p per day is open to individual interpretation.

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