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Visit Kendal

The Visit Kendal Website promotes the town as a destination for visitors and locals. The website receives approx. 10,000 views a month and is supported by social media accounts. Please check your business is included on the business section of the website  which is supported by Kendal BID

To add your business please complete this short form  

If your business already appears on the website, but you’d like an update, please email

Grow your Business Sessions - 11th March

We know that running a business is hard. As a business owner you not only have to do the day job but often have to do the administration, bookkeeping, social media, marketing and a hundred and one other things. 

Kendal BID may be able to help you. We are offering Free "Grow your Business Sessions" on the 12th February and the 11th of March.

Industry experts will guide you through ways you may be able to increase income to your business. We are also working with teams of people who specialise in business support. If you feel you could do with some support please contact and we can connect you with someone who could help. 

Depending on what support you require rates range from £15 to £30 an hour.


DISCOVER app - Virtual TIC

The DISCOVER app promotes Kendal and Kendal's businesses, The app is your chance to promote your business to the outside world, with between 1500 and 1700 views a week. Make sure your business is on the app and your details are correct. If you can promote an offer then even more people are likely to visit you.

The app is hopefully going to become even more exiting soon as we are working with the DSCVR team to produce a virtual TIC where people in the town will be able to scroll though on a large touch screen to find all of the attractions, events and businesses in the town.

To add or update your entry on DSCVR click

Event Calendar

Please find below a list of events and festivals that we are aware of happening in Kendal this year

25th May                         Kendal May Fest

1st - 2nd June                County Fest

15th - 16th June             Kendal Pride

22nd June                      Kendal Folk & Blues Festival

25th - 27th June            Kendal Walking Festival

20th July                         Unity Festival

27th July                         Kendal Family Festival

11th - 12th Sept             County Show

Sept                                     Torchlight 

4th -5th Oct                         Kendal Music Festival 

11th - 13th Oct                   Humanise - festival of play

7th - 10th Nov                     Stout Wars 

21st Nov                              Christmas Lights  

21st - 24th Nov                   Kendal Mountain Festival 

1st Dec                                 Kendal Christmas Celebration

6th - 7th Dec                       Whisky Festival 


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