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Shop Front Grants

Our Shop front grants are there to improve both the businesses frontage and the overall impression of the high street. I grant of up to £500 can be awarded to a business for works carried out to improve the frontage. This could be painting, repairs to woodwork or signage for example. 

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Training Grant

Kendal BID's training grant, is there to help businesses with business specific training which will help the business grow and develop the staff. The grant is for up to £300 and can be use to fund or partially fund specialist training. 


Grants for public safety

Kendal BID has supported projects that improve safety within the public realm. This has included projects like installing cctv and working with other safety organisation such as Bar Watch.

Security Cameras

Environmental Grants

Kendal BID is keen to reduce the  environmental impact of Kendal's businesses. We are therefore offering grants of up to £1000 for projects that will reduce a businesses carbon footprint. There is no restriction on what the grant can be used for as long as it improves the businesses enviromental footprint.

Painting shop front.jpg

Grants for events & festivals

Kendal BID supports many of Kendal's events and festivals. For the BID to support an event or festival it needs to bring people to Kendal and increase footfall within the BID area


General Grant Applications

Kendal BID is happy to consider any grant application that will have a positive impact on business and the town. If you have a project that you would like support with please complete the application form

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